Playgrounds canopies offer a safe and shaded area for children to create memories, discover new adventures, and learn through play. Adding a playground tarp roof to your park or school’s playset takes your outdoor space from a plain best prices for playground canopies to a vibrant destination that kids love to explore and return to again and again.

While outdoor play is incredibly beneficial to the health of children, there are dangers that can come along with sun exposure. High temperatures and UV rays can cause serious issues ranging from mild dehydration to lifelong skin diseases. Fortunately, a playground shade canopy can help protect kids from these hazards, encouraging them to enjoy outdoor play even on the hottest days.

There are a few different options for playground shade canopies, the most affordable being a modular shade built directly into the composite play structure. A more costly option is a steel frame hip shade. These can range in size from a single span of less than 50 feet to multiple canopies overlapping each other that offer close to 100% percent shade coverage.

Our playground canopy structures are engineered to withstand strong winds, mildew-resistant materials, and can shield 98% of harmful UV rays. Additionally, many of our playground tarps and rooftops are made with porous fabrics that can dramatically reduce the surface temperature of your playground equipment. This is particularly helpful when it comes to plastic slide components, which can quickly reach temperatures of 130-160 degrees with direct sunlight exposure. Adding a playground roof to your playground can help prevent burns, discomfort, and extend the lifespan of your playground equipment.